Baja 500: The Journey

For the first time, Aelix Clothing had the amazing opportunity to team up with and sponsor DDT’s (Dallas Design & Technology) Mark Stevens and Todd Steffen’s Baja 500 truck.  The truck made the looongg trek across country from Ohio to San Diego to Ensenada, Mexico….all on the back of our trailer.  We had some trials, drank a lot of Tecate, sweated out most of it, drank a ton of Monster, dined on gourmet gas station food, but most of all lived through the best time of our life.  Enjoi the photos and the story.

On the trailer through the Colorado Rockies.  Pit stop to take in the scenery.

Peepee break.

An unfortunate mishap….no gas, no cell reception, in the middle of nowhere…. but we made a good time out of it.

Actual footage from that mishap…..

Catching a break waiting on the pit crew….

Race team check-in.  Signing our lives away.

Waiting for them to get done…..Hurry up fuckers.

Getting a pep-talk from Jerry, Jesse James’ pit chief…..Only thing we got out of that conversation was the locations of the best strip joints.

Ensenada was an absolute mad house for miles during the parade but the Aelix truck was a huge success.  Gotta love pushing a 5000 lb truck on baja tires through a crowd of fans.

When the stickers came out….. Dre’ needed a cattle prod and rubber bullets.  1000′s of stickers gone in 5 minutes.

The sweetest lady…… Our biggest fan with her two sons, Edguardo and Edgar.  Thanks for all the help guys and look forward to the 1000!!!

Gettin’ baja’ed…..Thank god Tecate runs the country.

Paco interviewing Mario, the god-father of baja himself.  Truly a legend.

The day before the race….Mario peeping the goodies.

“Finger tight”….”finger tight pro adjustments”.

Toasty Loco’s are banger.  Nuthin’ better than meat in a Dorito’s bag.

Military checkpoints.  Hide the stash.

Edgar doing some Aelix grassroots marketing.  We’re kind of a big deal.

Last minute modifications….. Let’s race.

It’s on like Donkey Kong!

Pit chief with some sign language motivation.

Driver change in Santa Matias.

Mark Stevens, head driver after 200 miles…..tired, dirty, and needing a bottle of Advil.

Co-driver Todd Steffen…. it’s got electrolytes.

Diablo’s Lake Bed.  Hottest place on earth.  There ain’t no lake.

Diablo’s Lake Bed made us hot and pissed off.

Gas and food….in Diablo’s Lake Bed.  Snicker’s and Twinkies.

Going over the truck to send the boy’s off for the win.  Where’s the car wash?

Come to papa….

After 23 straight hours of racing through 125 degree temperatures, suffocating grit and grime, and fighting off the Chupacabra’s the truck met it’s maker against a boulder…. crumpled the tie-rod and destroyed the A-Arm.  We were only 47 miles out of the finish line.  For the truck’s maiden voyage though, despite the unfortunate breakdown, we managed to put down some killer checkpoint times and met an amazing bunch of folks along the way.  The experience was in itself once in a lifetime…..well maybe twice in a lifetime….only next time twice as long. See the Aelix truck for Round 2 at the Baja 1000 in November.

44th Annual Tecate SCORE Baja 500


We are very excited to announce we are teaming up with DDT’s (Dallas Design and Technology) Mark Stevens and Todd Steffen for the Baja 500.  The race will be taking place from June 1st -3rd in Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula.  We will be updating the blog as Mark and Todd rip through Mexico! You can get in on the action by following us on Instagram and Twitter @ Aelixclothing !


Pre-Race Photo Shoot

High Fives Foundation: Trains 2012

High Fives Foundation is a non-profit organization that raises money and awareness for athletes who have suffered life-altering injuries within the winter action sports community.  We are excited to announce we are the official clothing sponsor for the 5th annual TRAINS event this year.  Top ranked professional skiers and snowboarders will be shredding harder than ever before for this great cause.  To learn more about High Fives Foundation and other events  go to

Dear Mr. Ramon

This is for all the kids who are dreamers and have wild fantastical visions of cyborg unicorns and doughnuts while engulfed in flames. We love this. Hey Flint, keep on doing what you’re doing bud….Enjoy.

Monday Madness.

So it’s Monday…We’re all draggin’ and in dire need of some inspiration.  Sitting here, “surfing”, drinking a cup of warm, liquid energy….ran across this. Enjoy. Happy Monday.

PROFESSIONal: Eric Arakawa Surfboard Shaper from VITA BREVIS FILMS on Vimeo.

Miguel Endara: Pointillism

This is one of the coolest art videos I have seen in a while!  You can check out all of Miguel’s artwork at  Enjoy!

St. Patty’s Day Slackline Sesh!

75 and sunny, perfect weather to slackline! Here are some pictures from our litte St. Patty’s day sesh!!
















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I Believe I Can Fly ( flight of the frenchies)

Check out Frenchmen Tancrede and Julien; two high-lining, base-diving, extreme athletes who are turning their dreams in realities.  They have teamed up the Sebastian Montez-Rosset to create an inspiring documentary that shows that “living simply, laughing, having fun and exploring new places are all essential ingredients in their voyage into the unknown.”   

You can check out the full documentary here.

Wakeboarding in Alaska

Who says you need warm weather to wakeboard?  Check out Andy Hurdman sending it through an ice field in Alaska!